Moving Retention Tools

Moving Retention Tools

Trust. Reliability. Timeliness.

In a world where office access is only a click away, the pastime of (moving) remains the perfect escape for those seeking solitude, family, fun and adventure. Last year, according to the DeMario Bros. Moving Association, one in three people took to moving at one point last year, increasing phyiscal recreational awareness by 1.8% to nearly 73 million adults.

MOVING the WHOLE WORLD, this is what DeMario Bros. is Aiming For.

Ask our clients why they choose us. We believe they can answer this question better than we can. However, in the meantime here are some good reasons why you should choose DeMario Bros:

Demario Bros. was built on word-of-mouth referrals. We meet and select our clientele on a personal basis; we establish relationships with many of our clients while on daily errands by passing out business cards.

We grow with our clients!!!

Besides, direct marketing has proven to be a cost effective way of building a quality Moving Service. We literally know our clients. Now, that’s trust from the beginning!!!

Our first year we made nearly $100K in business because of our meet/greet approach. Our cost;

Our 1st year we made nearly 100k in business because of our meet/greet approach. Our costs:

  • We are a referral reward based moving Company
  • We offer referral incentives for those who go above/beyond the call of duty; and make us a part of their family.
  • We appreciate ALL the families that make it ALL possible.